About Us

Trees are magnificent plants. But their size and growth can cause some troubles in the near future. We at Flagstaff tree removal offer several services such as tree trimming, tree removal, and stump grinding among other services.  Pruning or trimming the branches of trees is important to keep them strong. It is also necessary if the branches are beginning to interfere electric lines. Tree removal is needed if the tree is dying or already dead. A tree also has to be removed if it poses a risk to properties and people. And in order for your lawn to look its best, the stump that’s left should be removed effectively by grinding. This will allow for better mowing on your part and will prevent insects from living in it. 


We at Unified Universe have the qualifications, workforce, and the tools and equipment to help you with your tree problems. We are experienced in all of our services, our professional team is highly skilled, and our equipment is not outdated. We exercise safety first on all occasion. We make sure that there is no room for mistakes and we always stick to the desired timeline.  


But we don’t stop there. As much as we are an expert in tree removal and trimming, so are we in tree planting. We understand the importance of trees in the environment and in landscaping. We are dedicated to keeping the environment healthy and your landscape looking its best. Whether you need a tree removed,